Metal Roofs Are Highly Durable But Have Their Own Problems

Our friends at Roof restoration North Brisbane believe that metal roofs are eco-friendly options that make for durable and easy-to-maintain roofs. There are, however, some problems that these roofs can have, that will need adequate attention and possible repair action.

One of the most common of problems in metal roofs is that they can leak just as other roofs do. It is often the result of poor installation that has led to gaps at junctions, or a metal roof that has been punctured during installation. Metal roofs will have bolts and nuts or other types of fasteners that do require you puncture the roof. These are made watertight with the use of rubber or other flexible washers. Defects in these washers can develop over time due to heat and cause a roof to leak.

Inadequate fixing or poor installation procedures can lead to metal roofs being blown off during high winds. Adjacent sheets of the metal roof need to adequately overlap, and if the recommended distances are not adhered to, the joints will be weak and prone to leakage. Metal roofs are made of fairly thin sheets of metal, and if there is a lot of foot traffic over a metal roof, during routine maintenance or even during installation, the sheets can get punctured or damaged leading to a roof developing leaks over time. You can prevent this by limiting the foot traffic or using proper walkways that will distribute the loads.

Water collecting on metal roofs must be avoided, as such ponding can leave the roof vulnerable to leaks at joints and fixing points. Fasteners used to fix the roof can fail and lead to a loose or leaking roof that can be problematic. Sealants and other butyl tapes are used at joints, and if these are damaged, inadequate or missing it can cause problems in the metal roof.

All installation of a metal roof must be carried out as per the specifications that are given by the manufacturer. You must never exceed the free support length recommended in order to effect any saving on the number of purlins, as this can cause the roof to sag, and lead to ponding and other problems. If metal roofs have any paint or other permanent coatings, care must be taken to see that these coatings are not damaged during installation, as then it could expose the metal to rust formation.

The choice of fasteners must ensure that the metal used is similar to the metal roof, as the use of dissimilar materials can cause electrical action that can lead to corrosion in one of them.

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