Common Problems With Pull-Down Stairs

Stairs play a vital role in every home. They allow convenient access to higher and lower spaces in the house such as other floors, the attic and the basement. There are different types of stairs, and they vary in stair width, tread depth and riser height. Regardless of the kind of stairs in your home, for the safety of you and your family, make sure that the stairs are adequately maintained and always in perfect working condition. However, even when properly maintained, some problems could arise with pull-down stairs. When this happens, you must make repairs and make your stairs as safe as possible. Common pull-down stairway issues include:

  • Loose or missing nuts
  • Damaged hinges
  • Squeaky or failed springs
  • Gaps
  • Length issues (too long or too short)

Stairs can serve you for an extended period without any problems. However, due to wear and tear, faulty hardware or under certain circumstances – perhaps when the installation was less-than-scrupulous, the above problems can occur. When a staircase is in poor condition, it is a safety hazard. Therefore dealing with problematic pull-down stairs is not only risky but also daunting. Getting familiar with the problems will help you to not only address them promptly but also prevent future issues with your stairs.

Pull-Down Stairs Maintenance

The primary cause of stairway problems is lack of regular and proper maintenance. Often, after installation, homeowners will forget about maintenance. Making sure that your stairs are always in good working condition to prevent problems. For instance, if you ignore a loose screw, it could cause a spring to fail and eventually the collapse of steps. Make it habit to make repairs if you spot any issues. If you come across a loose screw, don’t walk away, instead pull out your toolbox and tighten it. When maintaining your stairs, look for any signs of wear and tear, if the wear and tear are severe and might interfere with the functionality of your stairs, consider replacement instead of repairs.

Typically, pull-down stairs are either made of wood or metal and support different weights. And while they are a superb convenience for accessing the attic, they are susceptible to wear and tear and can create several problems for homeowners including personal injury. To make sure that you prevent injuries and avoid future problems, ensure proper care and maintenance of your stairs. Also, make sure that all stairs are installed correctly and follow staircase code measurements.

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