The Benefits of Metal Roofs


In case you are putting up a new roof on a new house or replacing an old roof, metal roofs are just one of the alternatives that you can consider. Metal roofs have more benefits when compared with wood and asphalt shingles which are more popular. The benefits of metal roofs are numerous.

  1. Durability

Metal roofs can last upto seventy years. Compared to the average shingle roof metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions such as hailstorms and high winds better. Metal roof panels interlock in a way that makes them impervious to rain and snow. Due to their slick nature and high reflexivity metal roofs are suitable for areas that experience heavy snowfall. The snow melts quickly and any remaining build up just slides off. Raccoons, rodents and other pests cannot damage a metal roof. Metal roofs are thus suitable for heavily wooded areas.

  1. Ease of Roof Installation

A contractor is able to install metal roofs quickly due to their composition. Most metal roofs are usually twelve to thirty six inch wide panels or multiple single sections. Due to the short duration of installation one is able to save significantly on labor.

  1. Light Weight

Metal roofs are usually light weight. Most varieties of metal roofs weigh between 50 – 100 pounds per 100 square feet. In comparison, other alternatives are much heavier. For instance, tiles weigh around 750 pounds per one hundred square feet. Being lightweight allows you to save on the cost of the building structure. It also allows the reduction in the number of roof support members.

  1. Fire Resistance

Metal roofs are useful in areas that are prone to wildfires. Metal roofs are non-combustible, giving them a Class A rating which is the best resistance level. In fact, some insurance give homeowners a discount for choosing to use metal roofing.

  1. Low Maintenance

Metal roofing is easy to keep looking new. No need to worry about rust or corrosion as metal roofs dry out quickly. Minor maintenance such as touching up paint, replacing old gaskets and clearing debris is all that is required.

  1. Energy Efficient
    In warmer areas metal roofs help keep energy costs low by reflecting away the sun thus reducing air conditioning costs. Also metal roofs are made from recyclable materials like aluminium hence they are eco-friendly.

Though the initial cost is high, metal roofing is easy to install and it requires little maintenance. New alloys are also bringing the initially higher cost of installing a metal roof down. Consider a metal roof for these beneficial qualities most importantly their longevity.

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