Signs That Your Air conditioner Needs Expert Attention

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Summer is when you require your installed air conditioning to cool your living or working space down as soon as it is switched on. There are times when it does not, and this can point to certain air conditioning problems that you will do well to attend do. As soon as you spot these signs, you need to get in a well qualified and experienced technician to attend to the required repairs so that you then can have the required controls over the climate.

It is likely that you have set your thermostat on the air conditioning to work to maintain a certain temperature. When your air conditioner is not able to achieve these temperatures it is a sure sign that there is some problem that needs the attention of an expert. It could indicate a shortage of refrigerant, leakage of air from the space being air conditioned or may even indicate a unit that is too small for the volume of air that is needed to be handled.

Another common sign of air conditioning problems come from hot spots in your room which indicated that there are problems with the air flow from fans, vents in ducts, or clogged ducts. If your air conditioner is only blowing in hot air, then you are almost certainly out of refrigerant or that your compressor is not functioning.

Rattling noises or excessive squeals or grinding noises is a sure sign that the moving parts in your air conditioner are in need of lubrication or have lost their alignment and need attention. A blocked drain pipe can also cause problems that can call for expert attention. Leaky ductwork in centrally airconditioned units can cause problems and lead to the inefficient running of the unit. Thermostats can also become defective, and in many cases lead to the units working without stopping and resulting in very high utility bills.

Faulty wiring that leads to plug sockets becoming heated and can become a potential fire hazard. Air conditioners will have fans to ensure proper circulation of the cool air, and if these do not function correctly, the room can never become cool and are another sure sign of air conditioning problems that need attention and maintenance. Clogged filters can lead to a greater load on the unit and inadequate cleaning, and is a problem that can be attended to without the need for calling in a technician.

Routine maintenance and checking can greatly reduce these problems and lead to attention before they lead to any need for costly repairs and replacement.

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