What Is Epoxy Flooring?

What is epoxy flooring

Most home owners seek to have a floor that is not only easy to maintain, but also durable and strong with a great finish. If you’re like thousands of home owners who are interested in this, then epoxy floors might just be the perfect solution for you! In case you haven’t heard of epoxy floors, don’t worry, our articles got you covered with all the essential information that you need to know.

The main question is wondering right now is, what exactly is epoxy flooring? Simply put, epoxy flooring is a surface that was created by multiple layers of epoxy. These layers were applied on the floor at a depth of roughly 2 millimeters. And, there are both epoxy floor coating and another type known as an epoxy floor. However, the only difference between both is that the floor must actually be at least 2 millimeters thick where as a floor coating is referred to as anything less than the desired 2 millimeters.

Typically, epoxy is known as a system which consists of mainly two main components. These being hardeners and resins. As these two are mixed together, they go on to react where they then form a rigid plastic material which is extremely strong, it can withstand degradation and it evens bonds well with various substrates. Since epoxy floors are extremely strong, they are widely used in numerous industrial settings.

  • In addition, there are several types of epoxy floorings which can be chosen according to the purpose of use. These are:
  • Self dispersing epoxy floors which are very strong and are used where there is heavy traffic
  • Self dispersing epoxy with quartz sand. These are best suited for their anti-slip property
  • Mortar epoxy floors are the strongest of them all, and they can be used for crack repairs
  • Gravelled epoxy floors which are quite pleasing to the eye, however, these also have great anti slip properties
  • Epoxy terrazzo floors which are also along the decorative lines, and they are used in huge spaces
  • Epoxy antistatic floors are specially used when there should be no static in the area
  • Epoxy flaked floors are created from epoxy as well as coloured flakes or chips which are fully customizable, the flakes even provide an anti-slip characteristic

As we conclude we have just looked at what exactly are epoxy floors. And, we have also looked at the various types of epoxy floors. Epoxy floors can be customized fully to suit its owners and give them desired floor qualities such as an anti-slip surface and even an easy to maintain surface.

By Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

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